Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Lamb and sheep livestock

We have our own farms, we can supply up to 50000 lambs/month and 1300 bulls, veals, cows/month.

Payment Term : Buyers pays 30% T/T against proforma invoice as an advance to cater for pre- shipment expenses (packing , local transportation , labeling and others ), and balance 70% by LC. We accept only irrevocable and confirmed LC, an LC at sight against B/L , inspection certificate.

Merinos de Palas breed:

Tsurcana breed:

Halal beef carcass

Halal bovine carcass :

Halal lamb carcass

We do halal lamb and sheep carcass or cuts with packaging according to client's needs :

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Other beef products

Beef Organs

Beef Liver

Beef Stomach

Beef Heart cap on

Halal Beef  Feet

Halal beef meat

Halal beef meat pieces:

Halal beef carcass:

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Modern Lamb Slaughterhouse

Although it is the third country in Europe in terms of sheep park, Romania did not export sheep meat, because of the lack of specialized sheep slaughterhouses that meet EU standards. Our partners slaughterhouse and its facilities covers a total area of 22,000 sqm.

The slaughter line is fully authomatized with a production capacity of 300 lambs/hour (cutting line - Bulgarelli, refrigerating tunnel - York).

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Product presentation

Our suppliers offer their customers a range of products based on lamb and sheep meat: sheep casing, young sheep casing organs, intestines, bellies sheep, and also beef and cow products.
Product quality is carefully controlled, meeting all EU standards on food safety.

Animals are selected from several fattening farms, including ours, thus insuring the quality and the quantity required. 

 All slaughtering rituals/methods are satisfied: Italian, Greek, French, Halal, Kosher.
Halal sacrification is done by muslim employes, and the whole slaughtering and cutting process is controled by them, so we can meet our customers expectations of real Halal products.